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Dejavu Medikal from Yesterday to Today

We Walk More Confidently
To The Future With An Innovative Accumulation.

Our company started its activities in 2010 and today it offers services with the same care and diligence, keeping up with the times, with its staff that improve itself day by day. Years of experience in floor and confidently medical devices, laboratory equipment and specializes in biochemical kits and has become one of Turkey's leading companies.

Representing brands such as Medispec, Apel, Rayto, Ok Meter, Urit Medical, Navite, Teco Diagnostics, Microlit, Kang Jian, Apex Bio, Wondfo, our company has the equipment to meet the after-sales needs of our customers under its own structure and warranty.

Since the day it was founded, our company has specialized more and more every day and has put quality products into service at affordable prices, and in accordance with its mission, it has been with the customer after sales and has helped in all kinds of needs.

Our company, which has "TSE Service Place Qualification Certificate", "After Sales Service Qualification Certificate" and still continues its ISO studies, has served and will serve with a perfectionist perspective since its establishment. We, who take pride in staying respected and quality in this growing sector by getting strength from our customers, will be honored to serve the health sector with our smiling faces and without reducing our quality for many years.